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Our Story


Soul Natural Living stems from a simple idea: to help you achieve a holistic way of living through good-for-you, honest and organic products that channel the healing powers of nature.


We believe that the secret to happy living is an harmonious balance of body, mind and soul – the three keys to a healthier, stronger, more mindful lifestyle – and that the simplest of foods is often the most wholesome.


We know that, when it comes to wellness and taking care of ourselves, the best intentions don’t always align with the results we crave, and the vowing to eat better doesn’t always match up with the busy lives we lead.


So that’s where we come in.

Through our colorful and nourishing powders, tonics and plant-based remedies, we want nature to inspire you to live vibrantly and to your full potential, because a healthy life doesn’t have to be boring.


Each of our nutrient-rich powders are made only with locally grown and harvested whole plants, roots and herbs – no hidden nasties or toxic compounds added – to give you all the wonders you need from fiber, vitamins, prebiotics to antioxidant sources, as well as to help you fight flus, aid digestion and rebalance your microbiome.


So supercharge your juice or smoothies with our super plant powders (or use them in your cooking, too!) and be ready to absorb all the positive energy of each of our Soul Naturals. Living your way to a healthy glow has never been easier!

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